helpless asian kid attacked and jumped by 7 others behind chicago school

A member of Chicago’s Outlaw Loco Bloods (an Asian blood sect originating in California) was jumped by members of the Maniac Latin Disciples behind the James Ward Elementary School in the Bridgeport section of Chicago ( between Princeton & 27th street). He was jumped in retaliation for an incident the week before in which he was allegedly involved with jumping a Maniac Latin Disciple and posting a photo-shopped image of a naked Maniac Latin Disciple female member on the internet.

Seven teenagers, including a 15-year-old girl, were charged with the beating and robbery of this 17-year-old high school senior.

Only one of the teens, Raymond Palomino, 17, of the 3500 block of South Hoyne Avenue, was charged as an adult, with one count of robbery and one count of aggravated battery for the attack.

The remaining teens, two 16-year-old boys, three 15-year-old boys and the girl were all cited in juvenile delinquency petitions on the same charges, police said. Their identities were not made public because they are juveniles. Police said one of the teens lives in Arlington Heights, the rest in Chicago.

Police didn’t say what the girl’s role was in the attack, but it is largely suspected she is the one holding the camera.

Teens posting comments on the video on YouTube snitched on the attackers by name. Palomino, whose face was clearly visible in the video, was one of those identified.

The video shows the 17-year-old victim coiled on the ground in the alley, pleading in vain for the youths to stop punching and kicking him.

In the attack, which lasted for several minutes Sunday afternoon, the boy covers his face as the other youths surround him and push him into the snow while kicking and punching his head, his legs, his back.

The attackers yell that the boy had “fucked up.”

“Hold on,” the teen says as he pulls himself to his feet and tries to talk them into stopping.

But one of the attackers, wearing gray sweats, asks: “Do you fucking understand?” He then punches the boy in the face and knocks him to the ground, then kicks him in the face, sending the boy sprawling on the snow-covered ground.

One of the youths took shoes out of the victim’s backpack, dangling one of them in front of his face in a taunt then beating him in the face repeatedly with it. They also took his wallet and $180 in cash, police said.

The boy was taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, where he was treated for a laceration to his lip, bruises and abrasions, police said.

The boy is a senior at Curie High School on the Southwest Side, according to a Chicago Public Schools spokesman.

Even though the boy’s assailants used racial epithets, in a brief statement Tuesday, police said the attack did not appear to be racially motivated.

Palomino was expected to appear before a judge later today, while the six youths were turned over to juvenile authorities for processing, police said.

Black Picket Fence

Black Picket Fence from Emily Clifton on Vimeo.

Black Picket Fence is a documentary about the public housing projects of Brooklyn’s East New York, one of New York City’s most fucked-up and violent neighborhoods. Over 2 years of raw footage explores the lives of Tiz Milliner and his homie Mel, who are trying to make it out of the hood.

This documentary is a winner at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, Urban World Film Festival and the Full Frame Festival.