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YG Hootie- “Fast Money” (In-Studio Performance)

YG Hootie (Brick Squad Monopoly) – Fast Money (In-Studio Performance) YG Hootie (Brick Squad Monopoly) – Fast Money (In-Studio Performance) YG Hootie (Brick Squad Monopoly) – Fast Money (In-Studio Performance) YG Hootie (Brick Squad Monopoly) – Fast Money (In-Studio Performance)

The Reunion (Jin the Emcee, LS, Snacky Chan)

The Reunion is here! Back in 2004, these three MC’s first got together to re-create GZA’s classic record, “4th Chamber,” for Jin’s “The Definition of History” mixtape. The result was an underground banger which set the internet world on fire. Seven years later, these three pioneers of Asian-American hip hop show that they are still here and dope as ever. This is an original production created by Ray Hill who also appears as the main vocalist in the chorus. For more information on these artists please visit: Jin’s Blog: Jin’s Twitter LS’s Facebook: LS’s Twitter: Chan’s Facebook: Chan’s Twitter: Ray Hill’s Facebook: Ray Hill’s Twitter: FREE Download can be found at: Lyrics: Bruce Lee Intro: When I look around I always learn something and that is to be always yourself. And to express yourself, to have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Now that seems to me that is the prevalent thing. Chan’s Verse: If im free whys it feel like im on lock in a prison bid? Wish i was illiterate to that talk on the internet Friends by my side at the drop of a dime Lookin back its all because my name was hot at the time They wanted a part of my shine without workin the grind Respect is what i earned Wit Every line that i rhymed I never thought id be the underdog An asian version of mickey

Slim Dunkin- “Menace II Society” (Official Video) (Feat 2Pac Visual)

MENACE 2 SOCIETY become a fan of Figvrati Films Slim Dunkin- “” (Official Video) (Feat 2Pac Visual) Slim Dunkin- “Menace ll Society” (Official Video) (Feat 2Pac Visual) Slim Dunkin- “Menace 2 Society” (Official Video) (Feat 2Pac Visual) Slim Dunkin- “Menace to Society” (Official Video) (Feat 2Pac Visual)

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