Thandie Newton says, “Come eat me, NOW”

I recall Thandie Newton as the very lucky president’s daughter in 2012, surviving the end of the world because, well, she’s the president’s daughter. But really, with that hot body and very aggressive look of hers, she isn’t gonna have a hard time looking for a place to get saved from the end of the world – guys will be more than willing to give up their spaces for her.

Count me in, of course. These pictures of her flaunting her naked body, as if saying, “Come and eat me, NOW,” are enough for me to give up my getting saved just for a piece of those big bazookas of hers. And I wouldn’t mind if she’s a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead. Her hair color is an inconsequential detail compared to what the rest of her body looks, feels and tastes like. Now that is one hot momma for you.

So move on now pervs, I’m gonna wet these immaculate white sheets she’s on with her cum…I mean, mine, my jizz. Whoa, I’m getting way ahead of myself. But I’m gonna leave you now with all these pussy-baring pictures of Thandie Newton, while I continue my fantasies with this ebony goddess.

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Slim Dunkin Menace II Society Mixtape Trailer Hosted by Dj Holiday & Waka Flocka

Slim Dunkin Menace II Society Mixtape Trailer Hosted by Dj Holiday & Waka Flocka Slim Dunkin Menace II Society Mixtape Trailer Hosted by Dj Holiday & Waka Flocka Slim Dunkin Menace II Society Mixtape Trailer Hosted by Dj Holiday & Waka Flocka

Vivica A. Fox’s foxy lingerie photos

Vivica A. Fox. The name alone sounds like a pornstar who features a lot in hardcore anal sex and gives noisy blowjobs while she played with her loose-hanging clit. Unfortunately, Vivica A. Fox is not a pornstar, but a respectable Hollywood celebrity. Fortunately, she’s also gorgeous and is no stranger to shedding her clothes and baring her copper skin for the cameras.

But with a body like that, Vivica Fox should have taken the hint when her parents named her like that and got herself into porn. With an ass that looks ready for a cock-pumping, a tramp stamp that screams slut, and a cleavage that is in desperate need of a titty fuck, I say Ms. Fox is in an inappropriate career path. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hit a dead-end somewhere with that job of hers. Pff, actress indeed.

But we shouldn’t discount the fact that Vivica A. Fox is trying to make the best out of living a softcore career in entertainment. These perfectly sexy lingerie pictures of her are enough to see she does have what it takes to fill out the shoes her smut-loving parents gave her. Her agent should hook her up with more hardcore films so we can stop with all this foolish business of seeing her in clothes and see her naked. Dammit.

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SNOOPYBLUE- 2Nite (Music Video)

LA Underground Rap artist SNOOPYBLUE releases his second video from is new album MY LIFE The Soundtrack, also featuring Tee Tee. 2Nite is a remake of the DJ Quik classic from the 90′s. Check it out or order your album copy today at,, or Music by Moneyline Records, Big Ray, video produced by Ghettoflix Ent.

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Melyssa Ford is fond of exposing her body

When asked if she thought women were being viewed in a sexist manner by the media, Melyssa Ford gave a defeated affirmative. But that hasn’t stopped her from using her own curvy body for fame. She probably realized that she was too deep in her own self-exploitation to really care anymore. Which is the reason you’re seeing Melyssa Ford posing in her leopard-print bikini and not in pointless, gender-friendly bullshit!

I don’t know what this bronze babe does to make her body look so perfect, but whatever it is, she should do it in front of me. I want to take Melyssa Ford’s bikini piece by piece (which shouldn’t take long) and risk blindness from exposing myself to her lush caramel titties. Judging from the forced fabric of that sexy bikini top, Melyssa Ford’s got a real job unloading those bazookas of hers just to take a shower. But again, she should let me step in and do the work for her. And since she’s so into slithering, spitting snakes, I’ll let her hold my cock and spit cum on her face. Bitch obviously likes it.

But don’t let me keep my fantasies to myself. After all, Melyssa Ford’s already sold her body to the public, so have a go at her sexy naked pictures and start exploiting!

Tyra Banks’ fierce pussy-spreading photos

Of any supermodels in Hollywood, Tyra Banks is probably the greatest sellout of the bunch. That’s what her haters might say, but I say she’s simply the most exposed. Just like how she’s exposing how vast her ebony pussy can go in Tyra Banks’ pussy-spreading pictures.

Sure you hate her talk show hosting skills and think she’s a poor advocate of inner beauty and all that bullshit salad tossed in, but at least Tyra knows how to treat her male audiences right. So ladies, when you think you’ve said too much in front of a guy, just drop your panties and let your loose pussy lips flap and do the talking. Do it just like Tyra. After all, she’s become the young adult woman’s role model, right? And you should pattern yourselves after Tyra too in the business of having shaved, smooth pussies and a flair for flashing your cunts. Don’t forget to smile with your eyes, ladies!

But I’m happy just seeing Tyra Banks do her own thing and spread her pussy for the camera. When you’ve seen a top model finger her clit in front of you, nobody else can do it right anymore.

Beyonce busts a boobslip

I always look forward to seeing Beyonce on stage. On stage, she lets her inner Sasha Fierce out doing things with her body she wouldn’t do on a usual day. When she’s dancing for a crowd, she goes all out, shaking her chocolate tits, pumping her ass off, and all these in tight, tiny costumes that are so quick to betray Beyonce with a little nipslip or upskirt. And that’s usually the case, as seen here in Beyonce’s wardrobe malfunction pictures.

I haven’t personally gone front row on any of Beyonce’s performances, which is a pity. I want to see Beyonce’s jiggling tits shaking dangerously out of their dresses, until just the right moment when one of them pops into a full-blown boobslip. As you can see from Beyonce’s nipslip pictures, she was one just one more nipple away from holding the greatest concert in the world. Of course, her voluptuous figure, her long caramel thighs, and her flipping sexy moves are well enough to make me sticky in the penis region.

There are two people to thank here; first is Beyonce’s wardrobe planner, for making her wear ridiculously short and tight ass dresses, and second, me, for giving you these hot nipslip pictures of Beyonce. Yeah, you’re welcome.