BIG FASE 100 Gets Knoced out??

WEBISODE #1 After the video shoot on Brazil and Wilmington for the Blutiful World music video, the INDA Streetz crew captured Big FASE 100 get put on his back by “WHITE BOY”. The footage made it on Youtube, starting an uproar in the rap world, with “White Boy and “FASE” both putting out video statements about each other, and also had many questioning Fase’s street credability. Let IT Swang, interviewed Spider in his Blu-Room recording studio to get his side of the story. Check it out as he is joined by Cashis from Shady Records and BG Knocc Out from Compton as they watch what really went down. Let IT Swang TV is produced by GhettoFlix. For more info send email to Let It Swang TV will soon be coming to West Coast Public access stations in May 07. Check your local Public access channel for show times and listings.