Why We Bang “Straight from the Streetz of LA”

This is the short trailer for “WHY WE BANG”. This Hardcore Street Documentary details the life of active gangmembers in LA. Members of the Rollin 40′s,60′s, 4Deuce & Trey Gangsta’s, Black P Stone, 107 HGC, 66East Coast Crips, and Inglewood Families to name a few, talk about why they joined the gang life and what its been like. Why We Bang is the first and only in-depth look into Gang Culture told from the perspective of the people who live it and who are directly affected by it. Its as if you were in the middle of South Central, talking and walking with real gang members first hand. This is not your everyday fare; it is stark, real and often times scary. You will be moved to anger or tears. This picture has an effect on everyone who sees it. If you have children or know someone who does, this film must be seen, it may save a loved one. Produced By: Clifford Jordan and Orlando Myricks for Ghetto Logik Enterainment and Cecil Holmes of GhettoFlix Approx. 75 min. On sale NOW!!! goto www.ghettoflix.com or download at www.ghettoflixdownloads.com